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Matagalpa is located in the central region of Nicaragua. Historians tell us that the name Matagalpa is from the Nahuatl language and it means "entangled town". In pre-Columbian times this region was inhabited by ulua-Matagalpas tribes. In 1858, Matagalpa became one of the official departments of Nicaragua.

A city of interest in Matagalpa is Dario City (old Metapa), which was the hometown of Ruben Dario, the famed poet; and changed its name in his honor.

Matagalpa is one of the most productive Departments of Country. The valley of Sebaco generates many products like rice, corn, and other vegetables. Matagalpa is one of the main producers of coffee, which is one of the most important exports of Nicaragua.

Capital Matagalpa
Location North Central Nicaragua
North - Jinotega
South - Boaco, Managua
West - Esteli, Leon
Population 383,776
Area km2 8,523
Cities Matagalpa, Sebaco, San Isidro,
Ciudad Dario, Terrabona, San Dionisio, Esquipulas,
Muymuy, Matiguas, Rio Blanco, San Ramon,
Tuma-La Dalia, Rancho Grande.




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